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Mindset Behind a Six Figure Online Business

Mindset Behind Online Business Success

Depending on who you ask, a “success mindset” may be the first or last thing that you need to succeed online. But since thought precedes action, I am with the school of thought that believes that it starts with mindset. niche marketing tips 300x215 Mindset Behind a Six Figure Online Business

With that in mind I would like to share an interview I came across the other day. It was conducted by Anshul Dayal over at Anshul interviewed Trent Dyrsmid who took his online business from $0 to $10K a month in 12 months.

What struck me in as I listened to the interview was the fact that Trent focused not so much on the dollar signs, but more on the mindset or the psychology behind reaching your goals. Make no mistake about it, you are dead in the water if you don’t ‘believe’ that you can do it.

I won’t spoil it for you too much but Trent has a business background. This may at first put you off if you are like most of us transitioning from a regular job to online marketing.

Stick with it though. Round about the 7 minute mark is when the juicy stuff start to come out.

If you are any bit a believer that online business success starts in the mind then you’ll enjoy the interview.

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How Trent Dyrsmid Created A Six Figure Online Business

And here is the link to the original post by Anshul:

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  • Everet West

    Great interview.

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